Check out our range of eco-friendly, cup-related accessories that can be branded to your specification.  We also offer a range of social distancing equipment hire and hand washing & sanitising equipment.

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We’re delighted here at Event Cup Solutions to not only provide you with a range of reusable hot and cold cups and food-to-go containers for events, festivals and venues but also a range of accessories which complement these products.

Accessories for festivals & events


One of our key products in this range is our ‘One Planet One Chance’ cup keeper.  This is a folding plastic tool that is made from recycled materials, and which can clip onto your belt.  It is available as a sale item only and available in two different sizes – for pints and then for coffee cups and smaller reusable cups.

It folds out so that the user can carry up to 6 drinks at a time.  This is great for large scale festivals and events as the last thing that visitors want to do at your festival is to stand in a long queue to get a drink – there’s far too many other exciting things to be doing!  As the festival bar owner or operator, you want to be maximising the revenue for your bar, and ultimately want to ensure that queues are minimised by operating fast and highly efficient bar service.

When a customer gets to the bar, they can buy a Cup Keeper from you and carry 6 drinks at a time – this means that they have to return to the bar fewer times and when they do come back to the bar, they are buying multiple drinks at the same time.  It really is a win-win situation for everyone.

Whatever your reusable cup hire scheme you want to operate at your festival or event, rest assured that the team here at Event Cup Solutions have everything you need to move towards that more sustainable future.  From reusable festival cups through to reusable coffee cups and reusable food containers, we are confident that our product range provides something for everyone.

Also, why not check out our range of social distancing equipment hire and hand washing & sanitising equipment such as portable hand wash units, indoor and outdoor hand sanitiser dispenser stations and queue management barriers.

Ultimately, our experts want to share their knowledge and expertise with you and so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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