There are certain events at which disposable plastic glasses have to be used.  Where and when this is the case, then our ‘Go-Green’ range provides you with a pint and half pint option, made in the EU from rPET (post-consumer waste such as water bottles and soda bottles).  These are also 100% recyclable.

Disposable cups

There’s no doubt that reusable cups have come a long way in recent years and are now the go-to model for large scale events and festivals.  However, certain venues still dictate that plastic disposable cups have to be used for H&S reasons.  This is becoming less and less, for obvious reasons, yet there is still a market for these.

Like anything else, within the world of disposable plastic glasses, there are different types, and it’s important to recognise this. Cheap disposable event cups are not 100% recyclable.  This means that at the start of the production process, raw materials are being used to produce each and every disposable pint cup, half pint cup and others, and then being disposed of at the end into landfill or, worse still, into our oceans.

Therefore, despite the fact these are disposable glasses, we still offer disposable cups that are 100% recyclable.  At the start of the production process, our Go-Green disposable cups are made from rPET (post-consumer waste such as water & soda bottles) and at the end of their single use, they can be recycled – maybe not back into the production of a new disposable cup or glass like their reusable polycarbonate equivalent – but at least 100% of the cup is being used over and over again.

Whilst we will always support the use of reusable cups for festivals and events, we realise that disposable cups and glasses are still in the marketplace and that’s why we offer them.

And, of course, whilst the overriding reason for not using disposable cups is very much centred around the environment, there is also the useability factor to consider.  Big beer brands, in an ideal world, do not want their beer to be served in flimsy, cheap disposable cups as this is not the brand image they want to portray.  

Disposable cups for large scale events

For large beer brands, it’s all about consistency of product delivery – in other words, they want their product to be served in exactly the same way, wherever you are.  Cheap disposable cups, however, are a world apart from a pint glass in a pub, for instance.  That’s why although the disposable cups might be the cheapest option, they are certainly not the usual preferred option for the large beer brands who will almost always gravitate towards polycarbonate or polypropylene reusable cups.

If you need to improve the sustainability of your disposable glasses and cups for your event or venue or, better still, move towards an eco-friendly reuse plastic cups model, don’t hesitate in contacting our experts here online at Event Cup Solutions today.  We are passionate about how our reusable festival cups, reusable stadium cups and reusable event cups can be used across the country, not only to improve things for the environment but also as a profit generating scheme for the event organisers.

Contact us today – we’ll be delighted to hear from you! And, it helps in your decision making process, we can send you some samples of our Go-Green disposable cups along with perhaps some reusable cup options to help you understand the associated benefits.  Whatever your event requirements, we’d be delighted to assist you here at Event Cup Solutions and we’re confident that we’ll be able to work together towards a more sustainable future.