The reusable Bottoms Up range of reusable plastic cups here online at Event Cup Solutions provides stadiums,
festivals and large scale events with cups to accompany both Bottoms Up rapid dispense systems and non-Bottoms Up top-pour dispense systems. 

This reusable Bottoms Up range of event cups, therefore, provides you with the complete solution.

If you’re already using Bottoms Up reusable cups on site or planning to invest in Bottoms Up multi-dispense systems for your venue or stadium, then you’re in the right place to hire Bottoms Up reusable cups right here at Event Cup Solutions. 

ECS is the official UK service partner to Bottoms Up, providing a seamless hire experience when it comes to the reusable Bottoms Up range cup hire across the country, supplying directly into festivals, stadiums and large scale events.

The reusable Bottoms Up range of reusable cups come in a variety of forms, including the straight sided, opaque reusable cup that is available with magnet and without magnet.

The Bottoms Up reusable cup with magnet is designed specifically for use with the Bottoms Up rapid dispense systems.  The standard Bottoms Up reusable plastic cup is for when you have a mix of both Bottoms Up dispense units and regular top-pour beer taps on site.

If you’ve got these different types of dispensing systems on site, you’ll no doubt still want to maintain consistency of delivery and branding. The reusable Bottoms Up range, therefore, has it all!

And talking about branding, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the potential marketing and branding opportunities available not only with the cups in the reusable Bottoms Up range but also with the branded magnet inside the cup.

Reusable Bottoms Up range of reusable cups for hire.


Our team has a wealth of experience in this industry and can supply with a seamless hire experience direct to your venue when it comes to the reusable Bottoms Up range and much more! 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to discuss your specific stadium or event requirements – we very much look forward to hearing from you soon!