Made in polycarbonate and virtually unbreakable, our British made ‘Celebrity’ range is characterised by the American-style of soda tumbler, available in both pint and half pint sizes.

Characterised by their distinctive style, our reusable Celebrity range of reusable tumblers is ideal for almost any occasion.  They have a heavyweight feel and can be used for serving beer, soft drinks and even gin and tonics, for instance. 

These reusable pint and half tumblers are British-made in high quality polycarbonate and are available for you to either buy or hire here online at Event Cup Solutions.  Our reusable Celebrity range cups and glasses come to you in sealed tote boxes in the quantities you need, delivered to your festival site or event venue in plenty of time in advance of your start.  

How you use your reusable Celebrity range cups on site is very much down to you and this is something that our experts would be more than happy to make suggestions on in terms of whether you could use a deposit return scheme, charity collection bins or other scheme.  

Deposit schemes for our reusable Celebrity range 

Most reusable event cups work on the basis of a deposit return scheme where the user – when they come to buy their first drink at the bar – pays a small additional deposit for the cup, normally around £1 or £2.  During the course of your event, the user goes back to the beer and gets a fresh cup for each drink.  

Then, at the end, they can return to the bar with their empty reusable cup and get their deposit back.  This works well for many events, though you also have to consider that this may create additional queues at your bar.  

Therefore, it might be that you have a specific area for reusable cup returns, or why not position collection bins at the exit points of your venue or site where people can simply drop their reusable cup into when they are leaving your event, knowing that their deposit will actually go to a charity.  

100% recyclable cups and glasses

This offers not only a great way to keep queues down and also reduce the cost of waste management at the end of your event, but also provides great positive PR as you are working alongside a charity.  This is something that many of your visitors, especially at festivals for instance, will have a particular interest in.

Our reusable Celebrity range of virtually unbreakable reusable plastic glasses is just one of the ranges available here online at Event Cup Solutions, so don’t hesitate to browse our site and find out what else we can offer you.  

Rest assured that because these plastic reusable glasses are made in premium polycarbonate, they have a wash cycle in excess of 500 washes and, as importantly, these reusable event cups are 100% recyclable. 

In other words, at the end of their life span, 100% of the material goes back into the manufacturing process of other plastic reusable cups and glasses, completely closing the loop to provide that all-important sustainable model that we are constantly working towards. The reusable Celebrity range certainly does tick all the boxes!

Don’t hesitate in contacting the experts online here to discuss our reusable Celebrity range of reusable cups and glasses and much more at Event Cup Solutions today – we will be delighted to share our knowledge and expertise with you! We can even send you some samples from our reusable Celebrity range of cups and glasses to help with your decision making process of where to buy or hire reusable cups from for your next festival or big event.  

We look forward to hearing from you soon.