Our British-made ‘Clarity’ range of reusable plastic cups and glasses are made in standard polycarbonate and are contemporary in design. They are 100% recyclable and are ideal for almost any event. 

Our reusable Clarity range is more affordable than other ranges such as our Elite range.  They are British made and still made in polycarbonate yet lighter in weight and so more flexible. 

Price-wise, there’s not a huge amount of difference between the pricing of our various ranges of reusable cups and glasses, so it very much comes down to what is important to you.  If you want branded reusable cups and glasses, then our ONE range will fit the bill.  If you want cups and glasses that you reuse time and time again which are as close to glass as you can get yet still being plastic, then consider our Elite range.  And if it’s large volume reusable cups you need for festivals and events at a great price, then our reusable Clarity range will fit the bill.  Ultimately, here at Event Cup Solutions, we aim to have everything covered!

This reusable Clarity range is British made and made in 100% recyclable polycarbonate, and contains the Clarity reusable plastic pint, reusable hi ball for soft drinks and bottled beers for instance, along with the reusable plastic wine glass and plastic reusable champagne glass. 

Think of large sports events such as horse racing venues where the action takes place outside, you’ll want to hire reusable champagne glasses to toast your success in the winner’s enclosure, for instance.  Likewise, for large scale hospitality occasions and behind the scenes at large sports events in the sponsor and client lounges, for example, why not extend your VIP areas to outdoor terraces and garden areas for which this range is perfect. The reusable Clarity range has it all!

Reusable Clarity range provides fabulous eco glasses for events


Consider what stage of sustainable evolution your event is at.  Are you still using disposable plastic glasses?  If so, then you need to move on from this from not only an environmental standpoint but also a cost standpoint.  Yes, disposable might be the cheapest solution at the moment, but it won’t be soon.  Our reusable Clarity range wine and champagne glasses, along with the reusable plastic beer glasses, are the way forward.

Hire reusable event cups for big occasions


Whilst you can buy any of our reusable plastic glassware online from here at Event cup Solutions, our preferred model is reusable cup rental.  We can provide you with a seamless service before, during and after your event, however best you see it working for your specific event or occasion.  And if you are wondering whether this reusable event cup hire scheme will cost you more, the reality is that we can turn your disposable cost negative scheme into a profit generating reusable scheme!

Our reusable Clarity range really does fit the bill from multiple standpoints so whatever event you are organising, large or small, this range should definitely help. Typically the reusable Clarity range is found at weddings, festivals, corporate hospitality events and behind the scenes at major sporting events around the UK.

Contact our expert team today online here at Event Cup Solutions to discuss the reusable Clarity range and others – we will be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail and share our experience and expertise with you. We can also arrange to send you some samples from our reusable Clarity range if this helps with your decision making process.  Contact us today!