With superior strength polycarbonate, our reusable Elite range is shatter resistant and virtually unbreakable.  British made and available in a number of reusable cups and glasses designs, this premium range is perfect for high-end corporate hospitality, sporting events and festivals. 

Our British-made reusable Elite range of cups and reusable glasses is one of our premier ranges of polycarbonate plastic glasses here online at Event cup Solutions.  The leading product in the range is the Elite reusable pint glass which is the classic tulip style with elegant curves – after all, pint plastic cups are always hugely popular.  However, it’s not just the reusable pint cup that stands out – this range of reusable event cups really does fit the bill for most occasions and also includes the Elite hi ball, reusable wine glass, champagne flute and even the Elite reusable Martini glass.

It’s this diversity of product that makes the reusable Elite range so popular with event professionals up and down the country.  

Buy or hire reusable Elite range cups & glasses


Here at Event Cup Solutions, you can either buy or hire reusable cups and glasses.  Whilst you might feel that purchasing your own reusable glasses might be the way forward, before you spend your hard earned money, you might want to consider the implications, especially if you have a large venue or other hospitality establishment and would need to buy reusable cups in large volumes.  In other words, do you have the facility to be able to wash these large volumes of re-usable cups?  Do you have somewhere to store them when not in use?  And let’s face it, why spend thousands of pounds in the first place when you don’t need to.

This is where our reusable cup hire scheme comes into its own.  If you definitely need to use reusable cups at your event to comply with H&S regulations, then why not consider our hire model.  This way, you are only paying for the quantities of plastic reusable glasses you need for each event, they are delivered and collected to and from your premises by our team, and we will also wash and store them for you, all based on a transparent price-per-cup basis.

The experts at Event Cup Solutions are here to help!


Reusable festival cup and glasses UK and reusable event cups are just some of the ways that we can help you, depending upon your requirements, and the reusable Elite range certainly fits the bill for both of these – after all, not everyone wants a pint of beer at your event, so you need to make sure you are catering for all eventualities so choose your reusable glasses wisely.

It’s this variety of reusable glass and cup which makes the reusable Elite range stand out from the crowd, along with the quality of polycarbonate used in the manufacturing process.  It really does provide a look and feel of glass yet is still plastic – the importance of this should never be underestimated both from a beer and soft drinks brands point of view as well as the overall user experience.  No one likes to drink from a flimsy, disposable plastic cup as it detracts from the enjoyment of a beer, and so our reusable Elite plastic glasses are the ideal solution.

To find out more about our reusable cups hire model here at Event Cup Solutions and to receive some samples of best reusable cups from the Elite range, don’t hesitate to contact our team online today at Event Cup Solutions where one of our team will be delighted to assist.