Reusable Cutlery


Foodservice operators face many challenges post COVID-19. Not only have they seen their capacities reduced by social distancing guidelines, they have also had to introduce stricter cleaning practices which will help restore customer confidence.
There has been a resurgence in demand for wrapped single use plastic cutlery as a result of the pandemic. However, forthcoming EU & UK legislation will mean that these cannot be used as they are included in the list of products that will be banned from 2021.
ECS has designed a solution for reusable stainless steel or polycarbonate cutlery where we offer a simple rental solution. We deliver clean & sanitised cutlery packs, wrapped in hygienic film, which gives the consumer the confidence that the cutlery they are using is safe to use.
At the point when our teams deliver clean product, they also collect the used cutlery, taking it back to our local wash centres to be washed & sanitised, polished and re-wrapped, ready to go back to our customers.
The ‘ONE Planet ONE Chance’ reusable cutlery range is not only better for the environment, but it provides foodservice operators and healthcare providers with a hygienic solution that increases consumer confidence.