Reusable Food-To-Go Containers

Here at Event Cup Solutions we’re delighted to offer you our range of reusable food-to-go containers, enabling you to enjoy your favourite foods whilst eradicating the need for single use plastic and cardboard.  Manufactured from recycled materials, this range of polypropylene reusable food-to-go containers has a wash capacity in excess of 300+ and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life span, providing a closed loop solution for sustainable food packaging. 


Our range of reusable food containers offer the perfect solution for sporting events, festivals & more to offer the complete package to go along with our other products on offer.

Sustainable food-to-go containers don’t come much better than these here at Event Cup Solutions.  It might be that you are a stadium or other sports venue owner, for instance and are looking for a more eco-friendly way of serving food at your event.

A Premier League football club, for instance, will typically have a home fixture once every 10 days or so (nowadays probably even more regularly!).  Let’s say the club has an average attendance of 50,000 visitors.  Of course, not everyone is going to want to enjoy a portion of chips, a burger, hot dog or baked potato at the match, but there will be a significant percentage who want either food and/or a drink.  

The reality is that as the stadium or venue owner, you’ve only got a limited amount of time to serve this high volume of people – this being pre-match, half time and, to a lesser degree, post-match.  Therefore, your food outlets need to be hugely efficient and effective – something that is constantly being improved by clubs up and down the country.

Use reusable food-to-go containers instead of disposables


But on what sort of trays and boxes do you serve the food?  The default position for many clubs is disposable cardboard trays, as an example.  Well, it’s cardboard we might hear you say, and so it’s recyclable.  Well, did you know that actually when cardboard comes into contact with any foodstuffs or ingredients, it ceases to be recyclable?  The reality, therefore, is that when you serve food in cardboard, it makes it instantly disposable – something that we all need to be moving away from.  This is where our reusable food containers come into their own.  

Ultimately, with cardboard, you are buying non-recyclable food-to-go packaging.  The sheer cost of doing this in the first place amounts of thousands of pounds. So, what about if there was a solution whereby you could serve all your visitors with a reusable plastic solution, increasing your eco-credentials and also make money at the same time?  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well, now it’s a reality.

Check out our range of 100% recyclable & reusable food-to-go containers which includes a reusable tray with and without a lid as well as a soup / pasta pot.  These are available in large quantities and are made in polypropylene and so have a washable life span of over 300 washes.

Our team here at Event Cup Solutions will have the pleasure of showing you how our reusable plastic burger boxes, reusable plastic chip trays and other reusable plastic food containers for events can actually make you money instead of you spending money.

Reusable solutions for food & drink for event professionals


We operate a reusable food-to-go containers hire model for events, venues, festivals and other hospitality establishments and will be delighted to provide you with some samples to help you in your decision making process.

Contact Event Cup Solutions today and let’s move towards a more green, environmentally sustainable model together with our reusable food-to-go containers, reusable cups and much more!