Promote Environmentally Friendly Behaviour At Festivals

How important is environmentally friendly behaviour?

When it comes to the impact of our choices and actions on the environment, we all know that we SHOULD be doing certain things, but whether we do these all the time to the best of our ability remains to be seen.  We should all definitely be promoting environmentally friendly behaviour at festivals and big events.

Of course, some people are more conscious of this than others, but there are certain things that festivals can do as part of their event to promote environmentally friendly behaviour, reinforcing the green message as we all strive to move towards a more sustainable future. 

So, it’s no surprise that the third most popular response to the question of “What should festivals do?” is “Promote environmentally friendly behaviour”.

The more you think about this response, the more you realise that it is quite varied and all-encompassing, relating to the whole festival from start to finish. By this, we mean that how festivals communicate with their ticket holders even before the event can be linked to this environmental behaviour, from the use of e-tickets through to encouraging visitors to make their journey by train, bus or bike. 

They could also be encouraged to bring with them a reusable bottle for water and a reusable coffee cup, for example, and ensuring that they use the waste and recycling bins on site as part of a ‘leave no trace’ policy – again, a good example of environmentally friendly behaviour.

Environmentally friendly behaviour can also bring positive PR

Of course, the extent to which festivals both promote and execute environmentally friendly behaviour at their event isn’t just a nod to sustainability. Why not promote your green credentials as part of your PR campaign. 

This is an important element for many festival goers, especially when you bear in mind that in a recent survey by the CGA, 24% of festival goers said they would be more likely to attend a particular festival if its carbon footprint was demonstrably less than its competitors.

Reusable plastic cups for both hot and cold drinks and food-to-go solutions from Event Cup Solutions are a great way to incorporate the sustainability angle into your festival planning. 

Helping festivals and big events to move away from the traditional disposable model, our expert team will work closely with you outline how a reusable plastic cups scheme can help you fulfil your sustainability delivery targets – something that festival goers today actually demand.

This is the UK’s only complete solution to the elimination of single use plastic at your festival, and we provide the all-inclusive service operation, providing a wash-up service from four strategically placed wash centres around the UK, helping to minimise your carbon footprint.


We can turn your drinks and food packaging from a cost at your event to a profit generating scheme – simply contact us today and we’ll explain how, and let’s move together towards better environmentally friendly behaviour.

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