Reusable Products

what we offer

Our range of reusable products is extensive.  We offer cups for hot & cold drinks that have been carefully selected from UK manufacturers to offer a premium quality which we guarantee will be washed more times than our competitors and, therefore, reduces the amount of plastic used. All our reusable cups are 100% recyclable, and we can guarantee that we will recycle them at the end of their life. In addition, why not check out our ranges of reusable food-to-go containers as well as our extensive range of accessories.

BUY OR HIRE from our range of reusable products

Reusable cups and glasses for beers, wines & soft drinks, British made and 100% recyclable

Reusable coffee cups offer premium quality, perfect for large scale events and are 100% recyclable

Reusable food containers that are 100% recyclable

Cup-related accessories that can be branded for your event as part of our product range

Here at Event Cup Solutions, we are delighted to bring you the UK’s only solution for the complete replacement of single use plastic food & beverage equipment at your event, festival or workplace.  We work tirelessly behind the scenes to continually update our range of reusable products, working in conjunction with some of the best British manufacturers when it comes to plastic cups and food-to go containers.  Our experts have a wealth of experience in the events and festivals industry and are always delighted to share their expertise and knowledge with you with regards to your specific event.

We provide the complete solution when it comes to reusable plastic cups and food-to-go containers at your event, from the initial delivery through the collection, washing & storage at the end of your event or, for multi-day events, for each day of the duration.  We work on a hire basis for our reusable products so you don’t have the initial outlay of having to buy disposable cups or reusable cups (though this is an option for you if you so wish).  Working on a price-per-cup basis for the complete solution, we can also demonstrate how we can turn your disposable scheme cost negative into a profit generating reusable scheme.

Reusable products for all events & occasions


We have a number of different ranges of reusable plastic cups and have split these into two sections – reusable cups for cold drinks and reusable cups for hot drinks.  Within our reusable cups for cold drinks ranges, as you would expect our reusable pints and half pints are the most popular, with these reusable event cups being available in large quantities.  

Our ranges include polycarbonate reusable cups as well as disposable cups for where disposable cups have to be used.  Polycarbonate is perfect for reusable cups because it is the best alternative to glass in terms of look and feel whilst still being plastic.  This is something that is hugely popular with the leading beer brands, as they are all about user experience.  This is enhanced further by the fact that some of our polycarbonate reusable plastic cups are nucleated at the base to provide those all-important bubbles!

Branded reusable cups for festivals


The pride and joy of our reusable cups for cold drinks range is our official ONE Planet ONE Chance range of reusable cups.  Containing this powerful environmental message, the green credentials of your event can be enhanced to your visitors – something that is especially important in today’s market, with festival and event goers expecting your event to take its environmental responsibilities seriously.

It’s not all about reusable plastic pints and half pints in this range, however.  You can also hire reusable plastic wine glasses, reusable champagne flutes and even reusable Martini glasses to name just a few.  These reusable plastic glasses are always popular for large scale corporate events where you want to serve drinks outside but need to comply with H&S regulations.

Reusable coffee cups complete the set


As part of our range of reusable products, we have our reusable cups for hot drinks, which are essentially our reusable coffee cups.  With millions of coffee cups disposed of each year in the UK, our reusable coffee cup has a lifespan of over 500+ washes and is 100% recyclable.  It is insulated and so keeps the drink at the optimum temperature, whilst the outside of the cup remains cool, so you can comfortably hold it. Again, these reusable plastic coffee cups can be branded with our ONE Planet ONE Chance® message should you so wish and are available to either buy or hire depending upon your specific requirements.

Reusable food-to-go containers & accessories for any event


Our range of reusable products also includes food-to-go containers which are ideal for serving foods such as hot dogs and chips, burgers, jacket potatoes, chilli & rice and others.  Think of a football stadium where disposable food containers are used, and again this provides the club with a profit generating scheme whilst also moving towards a more sustainable future.

And finally, our accessories section introduces you to our Cup Keepers, enabling visitors at your festival or event to carry multiple drinks from the bar, helping you to reduce queues and maximise profits.  These are available for pints and half pints, and even for reusable coffee cups.

Here at Event Cup Solutions, we’re passionate about reusable products for food and drink and very much look forward to hearing from you in terms of how we can help you achieve this at your festival, venue or event. After all, hiring reusable products has never been simpler!