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We mainly work with large music festival organisers, outdoor event planners, leading beer brands, sports stadium operations directors and other large scale indoor & outdoor event professionals. We also work with large organisations, cafes and other hospitality venues with our range of food-to-go packaging.

Our HQ is in Middlesbrough in the North East of England, and we also operate various regional wash centres including the Midlands and London.  These strategically positioned centres enable us to service events with the fewest miles travelled in the industry. We have over 100 experienced staff, all of whom undertake the ‘Hospitality Sustainability’ Course as part of their induction and ongoing training, to ensure that our principles are embedded into the core of our operations. Event Cup Solutions, as an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, aims to be fully carbon-neutral by April 2022.

Our range is unique in that we cover both food and drink packaging. Our range of cold cups are all made in the UK and are made from polycarbonate or polypropylene with the range including beer, wine, champagne and cocktail glasses. We also offer a UK-made reusable hot cup which is insulated, meaning the drink stays hot, but the outside of the cup stays cool to touch.

Yes, we are the only provider in the UK to offer a complete reusable solution that eliminates the need for single use in food and drink packaging. Our range of food containers can be delivered at the same time as our hot and cold cups which gives you a single point of contact to provide you a hassle free solution. Our fabulous range of food-to-go packaging includes fish and chip trays, burger boxes and pasta pots!

Aside from the growing concerns around single use plastics and how these are disposed of, the EU Directive on Single Use Plastics has legally binding consumption reduction targets for food & drink containers that mean each country in Europe has to reduce the amount of single-use used. This means that additional taxes are being introduced to increase the cost of single use and drive more people towards sustainable reusable solutions.

The majority of our reusable cups are British-made in polycarbonate which gives a transparent look and feel which is similar to actual glass but which is virtually unbreakable and enables your event to comply with H&S regulations.  We can also supply polypropylene reusable cups, as well as single-use disposable plastic cups where this is a requirement.  All our products are 100% recyclable.

The reason for this is that certain venues are dictated to such as concert venues where actual glass can’t be used nor can polycarbonate glasses in the event of people tripping on them and injuring themselves.  Rest assured, however – our disposable cups are manufactured in the first place from rPET (post-consumer waste such as milk containers and soda bottles), and are also 100% recyclable.

All of our cups are manufactured in the UK meaning ours have travelled less miles than most of our competitors. As we have 4 regional wash centres, we are confident that our cups will travel less miles in their life cycle than any competitor.

If your venue was in Manchester for example, we can wash this locally in our Manchester facility which means the miles travelled would be 10 miles there and back. Our competitors in Essex or Somerset, for example, would be travelling hundreds of miles. If you then consider that a reusable cup will have a lifecycle of around 500 washes, the total number of miles travelled would be huge.

You can do both.  However, we feel that by using our generic ONE Planet ONE Chance range, you are being kinder to the planet. Our ONE Planet ONE Chance range provides a very positive environmental message to your customers that you – and in turn – they are doing the right thing by using and returning the cups for use at other events.

Yes, we know exactly where all of our cups & food-to-go packaging products are made (in UK production facilities) and we can also verify the material and that they have been used for food use. We can then re-introduce this material back into manufacturing and turn a used cup back into a new reusable cup!

As our cold cups are made of polycarbonate, this is a much stronger material than most of our competitors so it is less likely to scratch and will stay looking better for longer. We expect to get at least 500 washes from each cup which means it will be used more, which is ultimately kinder to the planet!

Yes, we offer a transport service, keeping your life simple and hassle free.  Just tell us where and when!

Yes.  Each of our regional locations has industrial wash facilities, designed specifically for the cleaning and drying of reusable cups. We have the ability to be able to wash 1 million+ reusable cups per week.

We charge on a pence per unit basis. Depending on location and quantities, we can very quickly give you a competitive quote. Our price includes;
a) Delivery of clean product in sealed hygienic tote boxes to your venue by one of our drivers in our trucks;
b) Collection of used product to be returned in the same tote boxes they were delivered in by one of our drivers in our trucks;
c) Cups and food-to-go boxes washed & sanitised using our custom made wash facilities that are designed specifically for plastics meaning the drying process is longer, ensuring that no moisture is left on the surface which therefore means no bacteria will grow.

Importantly, we can also show you ways of how you can turn the cost of single use product into a revenue stream for your business.

We have low minimum order quantities and as we are using generic cups we can deliver a solution to you at realistic prices. The best thing to do is complete the enquiry form or give us a call on 01642 917 490.

Whilst souvenir cups provide a momento of the event for your visitors, in reality the chances of it being reused are slim.  It’s more likely that the souvenir cup will sit in a cupboard at home gathering dust.  Therefore, more often than not it could actually be seen as a single use cup rather than reusable.  We need to be reusing and recycling everything.

You can – however we feel that by using our ONE Planet ONE Chance range, you are being kinder to the planet. Our ONE Planet ONE Chance range gives a very positive environmental message to your customers that you and in turn they are doing the right thing by using and returning the cups for use at other events. If you are clear that you want your own branding, we can provide you with a quote.

This is the UK’s only carbon-neutral reusable cup system, and is award winning.  It is the complete solution for festivals, stadiums and large event venues when it comes to reusable cups, and includes the supply, washing, on-site management, collection, ‘binfrastructure’ and even full marketing support to ensure that the reusable cup system at your event is a complete success.  Importantly, we offset our carbon emissions generated by our activity, by planting trees in the UK, partnering with SQSTR.  You can read more about our reusable cup system right here.

Many events and festivals recoup the cost of the scheme through a deposit return scheme whereby the end user pays a nominal fee – normally £1 or £2 – which is refunded when the user brings the cup back at the end of the event.  Or, they can put the reusable cup into a receptacle at the exit point, in which case they are donating their deposit to a charity.  Again, whether this is something that might work for you and your event is something that can be discussed at the initial consultation stage.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a great way to keep abreast of the latest information here at Event Cup Solutions. 

We realise and understand that our particular industry is evolving all the time and so reusable plastic cups and food-to-go containers, along with the various rental and purchase schemes available, might not be something that you as a big event organiser are particularly familiar with.

We endeavour to make our FAQ page as comprehensive as possible, and it is continually being modified as we adjust our best practices to keep in line with the requirements of our clients. 

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