Reusable Cups For Cold Drinks

Here at Event Cup Solutions, we offer you a number of different ranges of reusable cups for cold drinks at a variety of different price points from which you can choose the best fit for your event. At our consultation stage, we’ll be delighted to provide you with samples to demonstrate the features of each product range.

Reusable plastic cups and Glasses

Our signature branded ONE Planet ONE Chance® reusable plastic cups made in superior quality polycarbonate and nucleated at the base to ensure the perfect user experience. British-made, virtually unbreakable, 100% recyclable & includes a powerful environmental message.

Premium, superior strength polycarbonate means these reusable plastic glasses are shatter-resistant and virtually unbreakable as well as being 100% recyclable.

Made in polycarbonate and virtually unbreakable, this British made range is characterised by the American-style of soda tumbler, available in both pint and half pint sizes.

British made reusable plastic cups and glasses made in standard polycarbonate with a modern design. 100% recyclable and ideal for almost any event.

Govino reusable plastic cups & glasses are shatterproof and come with a unique thumb-notch design. They are also 100% recyclable..


Your one-stop-shop for all things Bottoms Up! Reusable cups for stadiums, large events & venues who currently use Bottoms Up rapid dispense systems from the Bottoms Up UK official reusable cup service provider.

DISPOSABLE plastic cups

At events where disposable cups & glasses have to be used, our ‘Go-Green’ range is made in the EU from rPET (post-consumer waste such as water bottles and soda bottles).  These are also 100% recyclable.

Our range of reusable cups for cold drinks and glasses for cold drinks is one of the most comprehensive in the UK market and we have these available for either sale or rental.

We offer the complete range, from polycarbonate reusable cups and glasses which have a life cycle of over 500+ washes such as our official ONE, Elite and Clarity ranges through to polymer based plastic glasses such as our Govino range, through to disposable plastic cups with our Go-Green, acknowledging that some venues are still dictated to that they have to use disposable due to H&S reasons.

The default position for festival cups and event cups to date has been disposable and, if not – and wanting to move towards a more sustainable model – then branded plastic cups with the cups being adorned by the festival or event logo.  Whilst on the face of it this might seem a great idea, this has its limitations.  

Firstly, you have to spend lots of money to buy reusable cups for cold drinks in the first place.  Then, you have to store them.  And then you have to wash these branded keep cups on site…and so on.  Then, the more attractive you make the reusable cup, the more chance there is that your visitors will walk off with it at the end of your event, leading to you then having to buy more.  It really is a bit of a vicious circle.

Why reusable cups for cold drinks are the way forward


This is why we believe our reusable cups for cold drinks rental model is so beneficial for large scale festivals and events.  You know how many tickets you have sold and what the average number of drinks that people will consume on site, so simply rent the quantity of eco-friendly reusable cups you need.  We will deliver these and take them away at the end of your event – and this is even the case for multi-day events, working seamlessly behind the scenes to ensure that all your bar requirements are taken care of.

One of the main advantages of hiring environmentally friendly cups from Event Cup Solutions is that we have distribution centres around the country, meaning that we can service events on a ‘local’ level.  For both us and you as the event or festival organiser, this means that your reusable cups for cold drinks travel the least distance possible, contributing to your overall sustainable model.  And, as importantly, we’re able to service any last minute changes or requests for drinks cups quickly and efficiently.  Everyone is human, and we realise that mistakes can happen.  Our team, however, are always on hand to be able to assist you, whatever your requirements.

Hire eco cups online for events & festivals


Hire festival reusable cups for cold drinks online today at great prices with the experts at Event Cup Solutions. We’re here to keep life simple and hassle-free.  Oh, and did we mention the fact that we can turn your disposable cost negative model into a profit generating reusable model? – Yes, that is now a reality and so why not get our experts to talk you through how we can achieve this together via a video conference call, for example.  We’ll be delighted to share our experiences and expert knowledge of the industry with you, so let’s move towards a greener, more sustainable future together with our range of reusable cups for cold drinks and much more !