Our signature branded official ONE reusable cup range, made in superior quality polycarbonate (as well as a polypropylene option), available in both pint and half pint versions and nucleated to ensure the perfect user experience. Our powerful, consistent ONE Planet ONE Chance® brand reinforces green credentials to visitors at your event.  Products in our ONE reusable cup range are British-made, virtually unbreakable and also 100% recyclable at the end of their extensive life span. 

ONE reusable cups for festivals and events

Our official ONE reusable cup range includes the ONE reusable pint 20oz, the ONE reusable pint 22oz and the ONE reusable half pint, providing our most popular range of reusable plastic cups for festivals and major events.  With regards to the pints, these are available in two different sizes for a good reason: The 20oz ONE pint is aimed at free-pour venues, whilst the 22oz ONE pint is aimed at large scale festivals & venues with multi-dispense units are in operation, dispensing multiple pints at a time, providing the perfect pint measure but reducing spillage and waste.

Made in premium polycarbonate, reusable cups in our ONE reusable cup range have the look and feel as close as possible to glass – effectively it is a hard plastic reusable cup.  This is important from the point of view of major beer brands as they want the user experience to be consistent, whatever the setting.

In other words, whether you are in a pub or in the middle of a festival site, brands want their product to be served at the same temperature, with the same depth of head and so on.  

Ultimately, glasses within our ONE reusable cup range are pint plastic cups and half pint plastic cups and so whilst they do provide this outstanding user experience, these drinks glasses still comply with H&S regulations when it comes to glasses for outdoor events.

Importantly, polycarbonate cups have a lifespan in excess of other plastic cups, with their 500+ washes.  And, at the end of their life, 100% of the eco cup can be recycled back into the polycarbonate cup manufacturing process, enabling us to close the loop, making products in our ONE reusable cup range the perfect choice.

ONE Planet ONE Chance®


You can read more about our ONE Planet ONE Chance® brand conception and evolution here.  We believe this wording provides a valuable and environmentally sustainable message to visitors to your festival or event.  Glasses in our ONE reusable cup range are not branded reusable cups in the true sense of the word in that they don’t have your festival or event logo, dates and other content wrapped around the reusable cup, and for good reason.

In our opinion, branded reusable cups are not reusable cups in the sense of how they are used and, in many respects, are not much better than using disposable event cups.  

Why?  Because the more memorable you make the event branding on your cup, the more attractive it will be for your visitors to take it home as a momento or souvenir.  And the chances are that this ‘reusable’ cup will sit in a cupboard at home and then eventually get thrown away, maybe after 2 or 3 more uses.

That’s why we believe our ONE Planet ONE Chance® re-usable branded cups are so powerful.  Whilst it does provide the right message to users, they are less inclined to want to take glasses from our ONE reusable cup range home and so encourages them to return it to the bar or place it in the reusable cup collection bin at the exit point.

Essentially, if you are operating a re-usable cup deposit scheme where the user pays a £1 or £2 deposit on top of the price of their first drink and then returns the cup at the end to get their deposit back, it’s a case of balancing the decision of whether the attractiveness of the reusable cup as a souvenir outweighs this £1 or £2 value.  

We believe that the more colourful and extensive branding you have on a reusable cup, the more attractive it becomes to take home. There is, therefore, a fine balance which we believe we have achieved with our ONE Planet ONE Chance® branding on all our ONE reusable cup range products. If you are 100% committed to going down the brand reusable cups route, then contact us as we can also help with this.

 Why not buy or hire reusable cups from our ONE reusable cup range today and enjoy a seamless service directly into your venue or festival site with the experts at Event Cup Solutions.  We have the quantities you need of bulk reusable cups along with the service levels you need – Plastic cups for big events has never been easier! We look forward to hearing from you soon.