Event Cup Solutions is on a journey to net-zero carbon emissions, which will be achieved by mid 2023. We have adopted a holistic climate action strategy which allows us to measure corporate and product carbon footprint, and develop an action plan to reduce emissions and offset the balance.

Our partnership with the Eco Learning Hub  means that all Event Cup Solutions’ staff undertake the CPD-accredited ‘Sustainability In Hospitality’ qualification. Each Event Cup Solutions site has a carbon reduction plan which is created as a result of the Eco Learning Hub course participation. This also allows us to advise our clients on how they can reduce their carbon emissions, and be kinder to our planet. 

Our action plan includes the following categories;

Sustainability 1

Environmental Awareness & Climate Change

By making our team aware of the climate crisis we face and training them on how to create individual action plans, we believe we can encourage behaviour change amongst our team in both their work and home lives.


Having three strategically positioned distribution & wash centres across the country means we travel fewer miles than all of our competitors. In a benchmarking exercise carried out for a national operator with 22 locations, we were able to demonstrate we travelled 70% fewer miles than our competition.

Fewer miles travelled = Less fuel consumption = Lower environmental impact


Event Cup Solutions has invested in the most efficient, state-of-the-art washing & sanitising machines in the country. When selecting our machine manufacturing partners, energy and water consumption were a huge part of our selection process. All of our facilities are operated using 100% renewable energy, and our machines are the most energy and water efficient in the marketplace.

Most efficient machines = Less water & energy consumption = Lower environmental impact

Product Sourcing

Where possible, we source products that are made in Great Britain. By mid 2023, we will have switched our most popular products to be purchased locally, minimising the environmental impact by avoiding transportation from Europe or the Far East. Supporting British manufacturers and the local economy by purchasing local is another key deciding factor in our purchasing strategy.

Bike to Work Scheme

Event Cup Solutions participates in the ‘Bike To Work’ scheme. This UK Government scheme supports employees in the purchase of new bikes, allowing them to travel to work and use bicycles for personal use, replacing diesel or petrol vehicles.

Watch these videos to learn more about the efficiencies of our Meiko iQ conveyor washers

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United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

Finally, we also work towards relevant United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs) to our sector.