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The Only UK Solution For The Complete Replacement Of Single Use Food And Beverage Packaging​

The UK alone disposes of over 1 billion plastic cups each year causing significant environmental complications. Similarly, the number of coffee cups disposed of on an annual basis is increasing and to continue is, quite simply, unsustainable.  Reusable plastic cups are the solution. Event Cup Solutions is a British company which has designed a solution for reusable plastic cups for hot & cold drinks as well as food-to-go packaging, offering the complete delivery, collection, wash & storage service of the best range of unbreakable, safe-for-use reusable plastic cups. The environment is at the heart of everything we do, whilst providing the complete event beverage solution. We are also proud of the fact that we are home to the ONE Planet ONE Chance® brand.
Our unique position of having four company owned wash centres strategically placed in major conurbations means our reusable plastic event cups are certain to travel shorter distances than our competitors. Additionally, our reusable plastic cups are all made in Great Britain, supporting British manufacturing and reducing our carbon footprint and the environmental consequences of importing foreign products. Finally, our model encourages the customer to return the cups, meaning these reusable plastic cups will be used more often as opposed to a souvenir cup model which can end up in landfill.
If you are a festival organiser, outdoor event planner, large venue, leading beer brand, sports stadium operations or facilities director or other professional in the events & hospitality sector, and need to buy or hire COVID-safe reusable plastic cups, contact us today to arrange an initial consultation with our industry experts, and why not keep up to date via our blog and social media channels. Purchasing or renting reusable plastic cups for big events has never been simpler!
Via a web video call, our experts will be happy to demonstrate to you how we can turn your disposable scheme cost negative into a profit generating reusable scheme easily & effectively.

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Here at Event Cup Solutions we are constantly striving to bring our clients the very best product ranges when it comes to reusable cup rental and reusable food-to-go containers for events and festivals.  We’re also continually evolving and modifying our working practices to make our model as green and sustainable as possible for us and our clients.

As a result of this evolutionary model, Event Cup Solutions attracts a lot of media coverage, some of which you can see right here.  This is important to us as it keeps our brand at the forefront of our clients minds when they are looking to hire reusable festival cups and big event cup rental.  We’re happy to provide our leading industry publications with further information, plans and quotes from our management team to help with them generating correct and concise articles about Event Cup Solutions.

We welcome contact from publications and PR agencies alike when it comes to media coverage and so don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today