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Providing reusable cup & food-to-go container solutions for indoor & outdoor concert & music venues across the UK. Contact us today – we can tailor a solution to suit your specific requirements!

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We understand how important your venue and the customer experience is to you. We also recognise how important sustainability is becoming in the music and venues sector – that’s why you can count on the team at Event Cup Solutions to provide you with the best advice on how to transition from single-use packaging to sustainable, reusable solutions. Our team consists of a number of industry experts – with over 70 years experience in the hospitality and sports sector, you are in safe hands.

Marketing Support

Many indoor arenas and music venues are leading the way in changing how they operate to become more sustainable. Delivering a truly sustainable cup solution is a positive step – however, to ensure it works, you need to get your customers engaged into your project. Event Cup Solutions understand this – our dedicated marketing team is on hand to guide you every step of the way. By providing clear, consistent and positive messaging linked to your sustainability goals, you will increase your cup return rate, improve your sustainability performance and save money! We have a wide range of digital and social media assets which can be tailored to your venue – please ask for more information.

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On-site training for bar operators

On Site Management

Music venues & arenas have different needs, regardless of size and location. Therefore, we have designed a number of solutions to ensure the switch from single-use to reusables is a success for you. Part of our onboarding process is for our team to spend time with your crews to introduce the system and train them on cup management. Providing simple, easy to understand stock management documentation means you can track cup usage by bar and kiosk, which helps your overall stock management. We can also provide ongoing support on an event-by-event basis if required.

Delivery & Collection

At Event Cup Solutions, we don’t leave the delivery or collection of our cups and food containers to anyone else – we use our own trucks, driven by our own people. This means we know exactly where your cups are and when they will be delivered. Our team will deliver to your venue, dropping off and collecting from where you need the product. Our drivers will integrate themselves to your on site crew, becoming a part of your team.

Tote boxes ensure washed, dried & hygienic cups arrive at site
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Product Range

To serve great food and drinks, you need great products. We have researched a wide range of suppliers and solutions, which has resulted in the best reusable range in the market. Our range of cold drinks cups are all made in the UK, whilst our range of hot drinks cups are made in the EU. All of our products are tried and tested and are fit for purpose.  Why not also take a look at our polycarbonate range for hospitality & VIP lounges.


Your venue needs to be confident that your supplier can cope with the volume requirements at peak times. At Event Cup Solutions, we have invested heavily to create the largest capacity of any UK provider. At our four company-owned wash centres, we have the most up to date Meiko IQ Conveyor washers, which are designed specifically to wash & dry plastic cups and food packaging. In all, we have the capacity to wash & dry over 100 million cups each year.

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Environmental Credentials

Our commitment to delivering a carbon-neutral solution is absolute. Working with Climate Partner, we plan to reduce emissions to an absolute minimum, and we will then offset any emissions to reduce our carbon footprint to zero! Our wash machines are all operated using 100% renewable energy and have the lowest water consumption. Our range of PP cups are all certified as carbon-neutral products, meaning that you can proudly state you have a truly sustainable reusable cup system in your business! In addition, all of our management team have undergone the Eco Learning Hub CPD-accredited ‘Sustainability in Hospitality’ course, which certifies those that reach a high level of environmental awareness.


At Event Cup Solutions, we measure our success on cup retention and not cup sales or cup losses. Our revenues are based on you getting more cups back to us and reducing your losses. This means we can use cups time and time again! To support this, we can help you design and implement a full cup collection system, including cup return points and cup return bins. Making cup return simple and easy for your customers will increase the amount they return – let us help you with this!

We call it 'binfrastructure'!

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