Buy Or Hire Reusable Cups Affordably in 2020 & beyond

Buy Or Hire Reusable Cups

As a festival or event organiser, whether you should buy or hire reusable cups is a common question deliberated on by many, and this is where our consultation service really comes into its own as we understand that all events are different – in other words, what might work for one festival might not be the best fit for another. 

It’s easy to hire reusable cups nowadays in large quantities


We’re flexible enough here at Event Cup Solutions to be able to supply the ideal reusable cups solution for you and your event, whatever the best fit is.  If your event is a one-off or annual event such as a large festival, for instance, then perhaps the best option is for you to rent our range of premium quality polycarbonate cups and glassware – this is a hassle free solution, with us taking care of all the logistics involved.  Hiring reusable cups might seem like a bit of a hassle but the reality is that when you hire reusable cups with Event Cup Solutions, you are working with an expert in the field who can provide you with a seamless service.

This seamless service begins with the delivery of the reusable cups to a designated point at your event venue or festival site.  The reusable cups are delivered in sealed tote boxes and are ready for instant use.  For multi-day events, at the end of the first day, we can bring in additional, fresh reusable cups for you and take away the dirty ones.  

Only large reusable cup companies are able to provide a service such as this as large stocks of reusable cups for hire are required, especially at peak times of the year when multiple events and festivals are being serviced at the same time.  Your only responsibility is to collect the reusable cups when people have finished with them.  

This might be in the form of a deposit return scheme, or asking people to drop their reusable cups into collection bins at the exit points, or organisers partnering up with a charity whose volunteers come to the site and collect the reusable cups for you, in return for a small charitable donation per cup, for instance.  

As you can see, the number of different ways that reusable cups for events and festivals work is vast, so use whatever scheme works best for you.  Of course, we can provide recommendations for you – that is what our experts are here for! Whether your festival or event is a single day event or multi-day event over a weekend for instance, such as Glastonbury Festival, for instance, we can provide you with the complete range of reusable festival glasses for hire in the quantities you need at affordable prices, helping your event to move away from disposable plastics and into the realms of reusable cup hire.

Hire reusable cups at great prices


Alternatively, if you are using reusable cups on a more frequent basis, then you might want customise your cups with your event-specific branding and, therefore, purchase these.  Again, if this is your preferred route, then we’re happy to discuss this with you in more detail.  We’re also able to provide you with a storage solution if you are short of space. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Event Cup Solutions to arrange your initial consultation.  Our experts have years of experience in the events and festivals industry and will be happy to pass on their specialist knowledge to help you and your event where required. We’ll be delighted to listen and gain an understanding of your requirements – we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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