ONE Reusable Cup #1 Solution For Arena Events Nationwide

ONE Reusable Cup Solution For Arena Events

Today we’re looking at venues where our ONE reusable cup can be used. If you think about how reusable cups could be used at stadiums and arenas, the immediate thought is using them on match days such as football and rugby grounds, for instance. 

Why our ONE reusable cup is a great solution for event venues


However, sports stadiums and arenas are nowadays much more than simply a venue for watching sport.  The modern day stadium boasts not only the stadium itself but also probably a hotel, an exhibition and event venue and sometimes even a casino or other entertainment facilities, making it the complete destination for event professionals, supporters and others. 

A great example of this is the Ricoh Arena in Coventry which has the complete range of entertainment and hospitality facilities in the same location and is a model to which traditional football and rugby clubs, for instance, are aspiring to move towards.  Nowadays, it’s all about the experience and having a captive audience where you can maximise not only the user experience but also your revenues as a venue.

The range of events and occasions taking place at these locations is numerous and diverse, and so our reusable cups could also be useful for Christmas party nights, for instance – these are usually for thousands of covers at a time.  Whilst the use of glass is usually permitted at these events, it might be that you want to hire reusable glasses such as our ONE pint and ONE half pint, for instance, to ensure that there are no safety issues. 

ONE reusable cups provide a great user experience


The ONE reusable cup is made in polycarbonate which offers the look and feel of glass yet which is virtually unbreakable.  It also has the powerful ONE Planet ONE Chance® branding on the side to reinforce the green message to your visitors.  Drinking from the ONE reusable cup, it’s not a souvenir or fan cup and so there’s little point in your sticking it in your pocket and walking off with it, yet is still encourages you to reuse your cup at the event in a responsible manner. 

How you choose to operate a ONE reusable cup scheme at your venue is very much down to you and we’re happy to provide you with some ideas based on other experiences if you so wish.  

For example, some venues operate a deposit return scheme where guests pay a small fee with their first drink and then get a fresh reusable cup each time, cashing in their deposit at the end of the event.  Some venues think that this increases bar queues unnecessarily, so they might position collection bins at the exist points of the venue where guests, if they so wish, can drop their ONE reusable cup into these and donate their £1 or £2 to charity.  Again, the charity with which you are working very much depends on you, and we can also recommend partners for this if you so wish.

Our profit generating reusable cups scheme


For those venues serving large amounts of drinks, they need to comply with health and safety regulations and so a reusable cup scheme is the ideal solution.  Whilst disposable plastic glasses have been the go-to solution for many years as, quite frankly, it’s the cheapest solution (and not the best user experience we’re sure you’ll agree!), this won’t be the case when the plastic tax comes into force in 2022, and maybe even sooner.  

Reusable event cup schemes, therefore, are a great way to comply with H&S, provide a great user experience AND help the environment.  And just to put the icing on the cake, we can show you how you can turn your buying disposable glasses cost negative activity into a reusable cup profit generating scheme for your venue.  A real win-win!

You can buy or hire ONE reusable plastic cups and glasses and much more today at Event Cup Solutions – contact us today to arrange your initial consultation.

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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