5 Best Tips For Reusable Event Cups

5 Top Tips For Reusable Event Cups

In today’s blog we’re looking at the 5 best tips when it comes to reusable event cups. OK, so we’re currently in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and most of the UK festival calendar has unfortunately been decimated for 2020, but this doesn’t stop us putting forward these tips for you for when the time is right.

1. Choose polycarbonate reusable event cups


When it comes to reusable cups, a single Google search will present you with a ton of options – as it does for most things! A search for ‘plastic cups’ or ‘reusable cups’, however, is probably going to provide you with some unwanted results if you are a festival or big event organiser. 

Therefore, try refining your search to ‘plastic cups for festivals’ or ‘reusable event cups’ for instance – you’ll then narrow the results down to those companies who are active in this market from which you can choose. Of course, we’d be hoping that you choose to work with Event Cup Solutions! Reusable event cups comes in many different guises, but typically you find reusable cups made from polypropylene, or those made from polycarbonate- both types of plastic but with different properties. 

A polypropylene reusable cup has a wash span of around 300 washes before the quality starts to deteriorate, and the finish is the non-transparent look. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is transparent and has a wash life span of over 500 washes and is 100% recyclable, making it the perfect reusable event cup.

2. Go for branded reusable event cups – but not with your event logo


We all love branded event cups. However, beware that as soon as you brand the cup with your event logo, the chances are that you will have a high loss rate as many people will take it home as a souvenir…and it therefore ceases to be a reusable cup any more. 

Check out our ONE Planet ONE Chance® reusable event cups which have a powerful green message on them, but they are not souvenir cups – this means that your losses will be small, it encourages responsible behaviour and is overall the greener solution.

3. Buy or hire reusable event cups?


If you are festival organiser or large scale event planner wanting to move away from your current disposable model, you may well be wondering whether to buy reusable event cups or hire reusable event cups. 

Here at Event Cup Solutions, you can do both, but we’d always advocate using our reusable event cup hire model – after all, why would you want to fork out thousands of pounds to buy your cups in the first place? – after all, remember you’ve then got to wash them and store them in between events as well.

4. Remember – not everyone drinks beer!


Of course, the most popular reusable event cups are reusable pints and half pints though not everyone drinks beer! 

The reality is that in today’s market, there are all different types of speciality reusable glasses for hire such as reusable wine and champagne glasses, reusable cocktail glasses and many more – buy or hire the selection you need with a reputable, nationwide reusable event cup supplier such as Event Cup Solutions.

5. Choose a local supplier


The nearer your venue or festival site to your suppliers, the better it is for your carbon footprint. Event Cup Solutions has 4 nationwide distribution and wash centres and so we’re sure we’ll be able to service your event from one of these local facilities. And let’s face it, the closer you are, the less your transport costs will be!

We hope that you find these 5 tips useful when you are deciding how to proceed with your reusable event cup purchase or rental. Either way, here at Event Cup Solutions, our expert team are ready to assist in whatever way they can.

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