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packaging waste regulation

The EU Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) is currently under construction, with the first draft expected to be published on November 30th 2022.

It is estimated to be implemented by May 2024, which will give the industry time to digest the content and, inevitably, to lobby the EU. Its impact will affect both the EU and the UK.

This is what we know so far:

Main objectives
Reduce resource consumption: by cutting the amount of packaging used and material included in packaging. Substitute single-use packaging with sustainable reusable solutions.

What will be included?
Although the document hasn’t been published, we believe the following is likely to be included in the draft;
• All packaging must be recyclable or reusable by 2030.
• Reduction of packaging per inhabitant (total packaging) by 2030 using 2018 as the benchmark. (Note: we are unclear as to the percentage, but numbers of 75% by 2027 and 90% by 2030 are being mooted)
• Ban on unnecessary packaging with a “negative list” provided by the EU.
• Introduction of mandatory reuse targets by market sector that will include transport, grocery/retail and food service / hospitality

Likely outcomes
The PPWD will seriously disrupt the market in a greater way than the SUP Directive. The SUP Directive can be transposed at EU member level, allowing each member state to introduce their own laws to deliver the directive. It is feared, however, the PPWD will change from a Directive to a Regulation ruling, meaning that it would override the SUP Directive and become law in all member states.

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