Stadium reusable cups are the obvious choice

stadium reusable cups

It won’t be long before the decision of whether to keep using single use plastic cups, or engage with reusable cups will be made for you. We all know the damage that single use plastic does to our planet and, therefore, shortly, it will become more expensive before being banned.

Reusable cups, however, have typically been seen as being expensive and difficult to manage…up until now that is.

This is where the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System comes into its own. Established in 2019, Event Cup Solutions was the brainchild of John Reeves, Director, and Les Vipond, Managing Director of eventhireGroup, who felt that sufficient steps were not being taken throughout the events sector to reduce the reliance on single-use packaging and waste created at sports venues, festivals and stadia.

The ONE Planet ONE Chance generic branding on pints, half pints, wine glasses and champagne flutes encourages positive user behaviour, whilst the cups themselves are a world away from flimsy single use plastic cups, and provide the user with a much better drinking experience.

And it’s not just Event Cup Solutions selling you reusable cups. This works on a hire basis, and we can also provide you with the complete managed solution, so instead of life being expensive and difficult to manage when it comes to your reusable cups, it becomes affordable and hassle-free.

Our reusable cups are used across the country at major sports grounds, music venues and festivals. Pictured are our reusable cups in operation at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground – these are the ideal reusable stadium cups! From Premiership football clubs through to county cricket clubs and rugby venues, the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System is going from strength to strength.

If you are a facilities manager, operations manager or stadium owner and are looking to engage with reusable cups to contribute to your net-zero journey, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team today at Event Cup Solutions – we will be delighted to discuss your venue requirements in more detail!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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