Event Cup Solutions achieves ClimatePartner certified status


Event Cup Solutions, the company behind the ONE Planet ONE Chance ® Reusable Cup System has become ClimatePartner certified, only four years after its launch, demonstrating the company’s commitment to measuring and reducing emissions and taking climate action.

Established in 2019, Event Cup Solutions was the brainchild of John Reeves, Director, and Les Vipond, Managing Director of Event Hire Group, who felt that sufficient steps were not being taken throughout the events sector to reduce the reliance on single-use packaging and waste created at sports venues, festivals and stadia.

Event Cup Solutions has the capacity to supply and wash more than three million reusable cups every week. The solution has been introduced to some of the UK’s most prestigious Stadia, Music Venues and Festivals, all of which have significantly improved their sustainability credentials as a result.

ClimatePartner Certified status affirms that a company has gone through all five steps of a climate action strategy. When consumers see the ClimatePartner certified label, they are assured that the emissions from the product or organisation have been calculated, reduction targets have been set and implemented, and climate projects have been financed to contribute to global climate action.

The first of these steps was to measure Event Cup Solutions’ carbon footprint, calculating emissions based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, identifying carbon hotspots, which in turn led to the second and third steps of setting CO2E emissions reduction targets and implementing those reductions.

The final steps required Event Cup Solutions to evaluate the emissions that remained in place further to its comprehensive reduction measures and to finance specific climate projects to offset the remaining greenhouse gas emissions.

Event Cup Solutions is now the proud recipient of the ClimatePartner certified standard, which it is able to use throughout its communications with clients and stakeholders and to educate users of the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System. The ClimatePartner certified logo will appear on the company’s products alongside a registration number and QR Code, which will provide transparency on the steps taken to achieve the certification

John Reeves said: “There is a great deal of ‘greenwashing’ when it comes to claims around carbon-neutral status and sustainability. We are incredibly proud to have undergone the rigorous steps outlined by Climate Partner to demonstrate unequivocally that we are taking all necessary steps to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a net-zero business. Climate Partner has provided Event Cup Solutions with an enormous amount of support and encouragement on our journey, and importantly makes our sustainability claims valid and transparent.

Mia Wreford, Sustainability Consultant for ClimatePartner, said: “ClimatePartner certification is awarded to companies who measure their carbon footprint, set emission reduction targets, implement reductions, finance climate projects, and communicate transparently.

“Event Cup Solutions have been working with ClimatePartner to understand their impact and develop a credible climate action strategy. It is great to see companies like Event Cup Solutions not only facilitating the reuse of materials, but also holding themselves accountable for their organisational emissions.

“It is a huge achievement which displays their commitment and contribution to a more sustainable future!”

John added: “We are incredibly proud of this achievement and are thrilled to be announcing it to our client portfolio, without whom we wouldn’t have succeeded in reaching this goal. By definition, every football club, cricket club, racecourse and venue that has chosen to work with us to bring their own carbon emissions down has in turn helped us to raise our credibility and aided our contribution to climate action.

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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