Bottoms Up

Rapid beer dispensing perfect for festivals, stadiums and large event venues!

Bottoms Up is an innovative rapid beer dispense system which enables bar operators – at festivals, stadiums and large event venues – to serve beer in large volumes quickly and efficiently. 

Event Cup Solutions is the UK reusable cup service partner for Bottoms Up.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional top-pour dispense from beer pumps on the top of the bar, this system fills Bottoms Up cups from – as its name would suggest – the bottom upwards. This is achieved by dispensing beer into specifically designed cups with a hole in the bottom, and with a circular magnet in the base of the cup. The empty cup is simply placed into position on top of the nozzle which then enters the cup at the base, lifting up the magnet slightly. Beer is dispensed through the nozzle into the cup and, with exactly one pint being served, the nozzle retracts and the magnet clips into place, sealing the beer in the cup.


How can it benefit me as a bar operator?

Ultimately this system saves time, reduces wastage, increases keg yield, generates increased revenues for bar operators and reduces queuing times for customers. After all, it can fill a pint in just 4 seconds!

The benefits…

There are many benefits of using a Bottoms Up rapid dispense system. Just take a look at this…

The benefits in numbers…

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So, now you’re familiar with the Bottoms Up concept, how can we help you?