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We are a British company which has designed a solution for reusable plastic cups for hot & cold drinks as well as food-to-go containers for festivals, stadiums, bar operators and large scale events.

Event Cup Solutions offer the complete delivery, collection, wash & storage service of the best range of unbreakable, safe-for-use reusable plastic cups. We have a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector. Not only are we market leaders in the event hire business, but we also have a dedicated team with vast experience in festivals & events.

We also operate the award-winning ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System – the UK’s only carbon-neutral reusable cup system, planting trees in the UK to offset our carbon emissions.

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Event Cup Solutions provides the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use for hot & cold cups and food-to-go containers.

With our HQ in the North East of England, and an infrastructure of multiple regional distribution and wash facilities, we are in a unique position where we can guarantee our reusable plastic cups travel a shorter distance from your venue to be washed and sanitised. This helps to minimise our carbon footprint.

The powerful ONE Planet ONE Chance brand from Event Cup Solutions provides a powerful, sustainable message to your visitors, encouraging positive environmental behaviour at your event.

Event Cup Solutions truly is the most environmentally-sound provider in our sector. The impact of our actions on the environment is at the heart of everything we do, and we also work towards the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs) – a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, which was adopted by all UN member states in 2015.

We recognise that the EU Directives on Single Use Plastics will result in legally binding consumption reduction targets being implemented on drinks containers and food containers. This means that sustainable, reusable solutions are needed to help achieve these targets. 

Our solutions are designed to achieve these and to be aligned to all EU Directives, UK Government & Devolved Administration Legislation.

There’s no doubting the research statistics and the morality behind festivals and events needing to move away from single use disposable plastic.  Our experts can even provide you with the commercials on how to turn your offering from a cost negative into a profit generating solution, providing a win-win scenario for both you, your event and the environment.  Let’s move towards a greener, more sustainable future together!

Event Cup Solutions' Awards

We are delighted to have been awarded several prestigious accolades from our industry, some of which you can see here.


Every element and action within our business impacts in some way on the environment.

This can be considered from a ‘carbon footprint’ standpoint (a typical definition of an organisation’s carbon footprint is defined as the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by the organization, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent), but we believe that our transparency should go even further than this and analyse our services & processes as a whole, to also include natural resource usage, for example.


Event Cup Solutions has four strategically positioned distribution & wash centres across the country.

Fewer miles travelled = Less fuel consumption = Minimise environmental impact


Event Cup Solutions has invested in the most efficient, state-of-the-art washing & sanitising machines in the country.

Our machines are capable of washing over 1 million reusable cups per week. Every cup looks like new and is perfectly sanitised.

Most efficient machines = Less water & energy consumption = Minimise environmental impact


We are all familiar with the term ‘carbon footprint’ with the vast majority of us realising that the lower the carbon footprint of a product or service, the better it is for the environment.  Few of us, however, are ‘carbon literate’.

What is carbon literacy?

Carbon Literacy is a term used to describe an awareness of climate change, and the climate impacts of mankind’s everyday actions. The term has had occasional use in scientific literature and casual usage but now is almost exclusively associated with The Carbon Literacy Project who define it as;

“An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

Essentially, carbon literacy is the knowledge and capacity required to create a positive shift in how mankind lives, works and behaves in response to climate change.

How can this benefit me & my event or organisation?

The UK has made a commitment to be Carbon Neutral by 2050. This will impact all of us in our everyday lives. As citizens, we are all becoming more aware of the impact of global warming and the consequences of this, meaning more and more consumers are now making purchasing decisions based on sustainability.  And, as the noise and profile of greenhouse gas emissions become louder and greater, businesses will need to change to make sure they meet the needs of consumer expectations.

This means that your organisation will have to identify how your day to day operation contributes to carbon emissions and you will need to develop a plan to reduce and eventually eliminate or become carbon neutral. In doing so, you will have a very strong position in the marketplace and be able to use this as part of a clear marketing and sustainability message. This will make your event or organisation stand out from the competition and win you more business. Commercially, therefore, it makes sense.


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by all UN member states in 2015, are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership.

They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Our activities here at Event Cup Solutions contribute to 8 of these goals, these being;

Event Cup Solutions is a member of the Sustainable Events Alliance (SEA). Since 2009, the SEA has been bringing people together who are passionate and dedicated to producing events sustainably and using the power of events for good. 

The SEA is a professional guild of event sustainability practitioners, specialists and experts, events, organisations and solutions providers, working together to raise the positive impact of our events. The supplier database at the SEA enables event professionals to fast track their event towards being clean, green, zero-waste, fair, friendly, and climate responsible.

Any reputable and professional company will be a member of its specific industry association. Event Cup Solutions is a member of The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO).

The AFO is a membership group of like-minded festival and event managers who believe in learning and teaching, sharing and networking to continuously improve the festival scene.

Created in 1987 with a small gathering of people working in the community festival business, AFO now has over 250 members who exchange ideas and support one another to help develop our sector.

We are proud to work alongside fellow industry professionals who together seek to move their festivals and events towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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