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Our registered ONE Planet ONE Chance logo reinforces that all-important environmental message to your visitors yet isn’t event-specific. It disrupts the current fan / souvenir cup model, and considerably reduces your cup loss rate and therefore, your loss charges.

Our Mission To Eliminate Single Use

The way that we use plastic or, more importantly, how we dispose of our plastic products, has become a topic under intense scrutiny in recent years. The plight of our sea creatures, swimming in oceans of plastic, is well documented on TV, whilst plastic appearing in the Far East from the UK has also rightly attracted criticism. 

At a time when all of us need to be fully conscious of how each and every action we take impacts the environment and 100% committed to the cause to eliminate single use plastic, the time has never been more upon us to act immediately.

Up until this point, single use plastic has been the go-to choice for festivals, stadiums, bar operators and large scale event organisers. This is because they are under pressure to serve large volumes of people in a short period of time, and whatever cups they use have to comply with health and safety regulations – in other words, glass cannot be used, for obvious reasons.

 All this has to be done also in a commercially viable way, and hence single use disposable pints and half pints have often been used, with a huge clear up operation at the end of the festival or outdoor event. Obviously not all of these single use disposable pints get collected or separated out for recycling (many can’t even be recycled even if they are!) from other refuse on the site, and so they are exactly that – one, single use then thrown away, usually into landfill or, even worse, into our oceans.

Carbon Footprint

A product’s ‘carbon footprint’ is not a new concept. We are all aware of what this means, and it originally came into being in regard to food – in other words, forgetting the seasonality argument for a moment, why are you buying strawberries from Spain when you can buy locally grown strawberries? Think of the cost of packaging, transportation and other elements of the supply chain, and it’s a bit of a no-brainer. The same can now be said of cups for festivals and large events, and information about this is available right here on our website.

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Brand Activation

In response to this problem, our concept of ONE Planet ONE Chance was born. There were no ‘blue sky meetings’ or ‘brainstorming’ sessions from multiple creative marketing agencies, but more so lots of informal discussions between our tight-knit team. We wanted to come up with a message that conveyed a powerful environmental message whilst also being suitable to be used across multiple products. Our ONE Planet ONE Chance registered trademark logo is now seen across a variety of different reusable products in our range including the Official ONE reusable pints 20oz & 22oz, the Official ONE reusable half pint, ONE coffee cups as well as ONE food-to-go containers.

The Complete Reusable Cup Solution

Our reusable cups for both hot and cold drinks as well as our food-to-go containers represents the UK’s only complete solution to eliminating single use plastic at festivals, stadiums and large events. Interestingly enough, the first thought of many event organisers when they are considering the use of reusable cups is how they can brand them with their own event logo, making them printed cups or personalised cups. 

The danger of this is that the cups then become attractive for your visitors to take away with them. And the reality is that this ‘souvenir cup’ will be put away at the back of a cupboard, never used again and then thrown away some years later….making it, yes, a single use cup – the very essence of what we are trying to avoid, along with damaging your venue or event reputation.

Our Carbon-Neutral ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System

Why not take a few minutes to explore the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System which is used at festivals, stadiums and large scale events across the UK.  This is the UK’s only carbon-neutral reusable cup system, with the carbon emissions generated from our operations being offset by our UK tree planting initiative, partnering with SQSTR. At the end of each festival, we can also provide the organisers with full certification about the carbon offsetting that we have achieved through servicing their event.

The ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System is a turnkey solution, providing not only the supply of cups, but also marketing support, on-site cup crews, ‘binfrastructure’ and much more.  Let us manage the reusable cups at your event, and enable you to concentrate on what you do best!  Importantly, there are no loss charges and, therefore, you benefit from completely transparent pricing! For more information on the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System, please click here.

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ONE Planet ONE Chance is a registered trademark owned by Event Cup Solutions Limited. Use of this trademark by any third party is strictly prohibited unless prior agreement is obtained in writing from an official representative of Event Cup Solutions Limited. Click below to view the registered trademark certificate.


These resources help to further reinforce our message of ONE Planet ONE Chance®. When we look at the bigger message that ONE Planet ONE Chance® provides, it’s a message the whole world can get behind.