One Planet One Chance Powerful Environmental Branding Really Is #1

One Planet One Chance Powerful Environmental Message

ONE Planet ONE Chance® is a phrase you’ll hear a lot about as you browse the Event Cup Solutions website. This conveys our whole ethos and is the brand message we are justifiably proud of.

Modern events are all about the experience


When we go to events, our main aim is to enjoy the experience, whether it is a music festival, indoor arena concert, test cricket match or other outdoor event.  In recent times, however, you can’t fail to have noticed the shift in attitudes towards us all being socially responsible, with climate change and the environmental impact of everything we do being at the forefront of many people’s minds. 

In fact, when you go to a large event nowadays, it might come as a surprise when you order a pint and it is presented to you in a single use plastic disposable cup.  With options out there in today’s market to choose reusable cups, there’s literally no reason as to why event professionals would go down the single use route, especially in light of all the negative media coverage about single use, throwaway plastics ending up in landfill and in the oceans.

The need to move away from events using disposable cups towards reusable cups such as our ONE Planet ONE Chance® range is even more obvious when event planners realise that instead of spending money before their event on buying disposable cups and food containers, they can avoid doing this and actually use a reusable scheme from Event Cup Solution to generate profit!  How do you do this?  Well, simply get in contact with one of our experts today who will talk you through this either over the phone or over a video web conference – the choice is yours!

Why ONE Planet ONE Chance® was developed


That’s why here at Event Cup Solutions, we developed our ‘ONE’ – ONE Planet ONE Chance® – branding for our reusable pints and half pints.  This generic branding means that these reusable cups can be used at almost any event, with the high quality polycarbonate giving both the look and feel of a glass product, yet is virtually unbreakable. 

This enables your event to not only comply with health and safety regulations, but – via our sale or hire schemes that are available – enables you and your event to move into the social responsible reusable cups concept.  This is something that you can proactively market and something which is sure to be appreciated by your guests. 

Powerful environmental branding for your reusable cups


The ONE branding with the tagline ONE Planet ONE Chance® reinforces the environmental and sustainable message, enabling your guests to enjoy their experience with you, safe in the knowledge that you as the organiser are addressing your green responsibilities. Ultimately, our ONE pint and half pint reusable event cups are all about exactly that – reusable.  We have other blogs on our website which ask the question of whether some reusable cups are actually reusable such as souvenir fan cups, for instance.  In essence, the more attractive the reusable cup, the more chance there is that the user will walk off with at the end.  

If you are operating a £1 deposit scheme for your reusable cups, for example, the chances are that if the cup is attractive enough, maybe a collectable team member on it where you can collect the whole range, the chances are that for that £1, the user will take it home.  And likewise for the following event, and so on.  The idea is, therefore, to use reusable cups with a message on it that reinforces responsible behaviour, which is an attractive cup to drink from yet which doesn’t make it a collectable item.   

To discuss how you can move into the reusable cups concept at your large event, don’t hesitate to contact us today to arrange your initial consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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