Proven Reusable Plastic Glasses For Large Scale Events

Proven Reusable Plastic Glasses For Large Scale Events

In today’s blog article here at Event Cup Solutions we delve deeper into our reusable plastic glasses for large scale events.

It’s fair to say that the vast majority of us could always do more to bit a bit greener in both our personal and professional lives, whether this involves taking public transport or car sharing to reduce the amount of single car journeys we make, buying locally produced food, recycling more or ensuring our home appliances are the most efficient energy grade, for instance, these are all good practices that we know we should do. 

Whether we do them or not is a slightly different matter…and therein lies the issue of whether large scale events have to use reusable cups.

Are reusable plastic glasses mandatory for large scale events?


The simple answer at the moment is no.  If they wished to do so, large scale festivals such as Reading and Leeds as an example, along with arenas, sports grounds and other events can still use disposable single-use plastic.  Due to the health and safety reasons, they are not permitted to use glass and so plastic is the obvious option. 

And let’s face it, single use disposable cups and glasses will continue to be popular due to the fact that it represents the cheapest option – at least until the plastics tax comes into force by 2022.

Single use disposable glasses are the norm because they are cheap


The reality is that, similar to our home recycling, there is no obvious consequence for NOT doing it.  We don’t get fined for not recycling at home.  We all know we SHOULD do it, but there’s no financial penalty as such. 

The same can be said for the way that events serve drinks to their guests – they know they SHOULD look at alternative options to single use plastic, but the cheapest, in monetary terms, are the disposable pints and half pints, but the cost is to the environment.  Many responsible events and festivals are already doing this which is fantastic. Others are playing catch up.  We’re pleased to see an ever-increasing number of socially responsible festivals and events moving away from single use plastics towards reusable models, and this is where our range of reusable plastic glasses comes into its own.

How about a reusable plastic glasses scheme that is also a profit generator!


This is why Event Cup Solutions will always advocate that reusable cups are the best way forward.  Yes, they might cost slightly more than disposable single use plastic cups, but there’s no doubt that the product quality of the beer you serve is many times better for the end user.  And why not capitalise on the fact that your event IS taking the sustainable and responsible route.  And you’ll be amazed at how quickly everyone else follows suit.

Reusable cups such as our ONE reusable plastic pint cup solution, for instance, are made in shatterproof and unbreakable polycarbonate, providing your guests with a great user experience and these can be used time and time again.  From you as the organiser’s point of view, you can choose to either buy these reusable cups or hire them for each event – whatever works best for you.

Here at Event Cup Solutions, we even go one step further.  Uniquely, we can demonstrate how we can turn your disposable plastic cost-negative model into a profit generating reusable model, simply and effectively. When you hire reusable plastic glasses from Event Cup Solutions, you are not only hiring the best quality products but you can also benefit from our significant expertise in this field.  We love to share our knowledge with clients – established and new!

That’s why our clients benefit so greatly from our initial consultation process.  We can discuss your event requirements in detail and together, we can move forward to help make a difference. Contact us today!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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