Single Use Plastic Cups Can Be Replaced By The Best UK Reusable Cups Solution

Single Use Plastic Cups Can Be Replaced By The Best UK Reusable Cups Solution

With the plastics tax looming on the horizon and the fact that event organisers have to respond to consumer demand for less waste and sustainability at their events, Event Cup Solutions is proud to offer the only UK solution for complete replacement of single use plastic.  But what does this mean?

Why is single use plastic the go-to choice?


Single use plastic has been the cup of choice for years for many large scale events such as festivals, arena concerts, stadiums and so on.  The challenge is, therefore, to find a solution which ensures that single use plastics no longer have to be counted on to provide a safe, efficient and effective service when it comes to serving both cold and hot drinks. 

Single use plastic or reusable cups?


This is where reusable cups come into their own, and you can find a huge range of reusable cups for hot drinks and reusable cups for cold drinks here online at Event Cup Solutions.  Of course, the supply of these reusable cups at a cost effective price is just one of the elements of a successful solution – these reusable cups have to be serviced in terms of delivery and collection along with washing and storage which is not straightforward when it comes to large, multi-day events, for example. 

Reusable cups are exactly that – reusable.  They can be washed 500+ times when made in polycarbonate.  However, they still need to be washed in huge volumes which is generally not something that temporary events can accommodate.  That’s why the COMPLETE service of supply, wash and store here at Event Cup Solutions is so attractive to events such as festivals for all their reusable festival cup requirements.

The financials are also attractive compared to single use plastics, and this is something that we can discuss with you during your initial consultation. 

Contact the experts at Event Cup Solutions


Why not get in contact today with the experts at Event Cup Solutions – a sister company of Event Hire UK who are market leaders in the event hire industry – where together we can help build your reusable cups model to move towards a greener, more sustainable event.

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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