Event Cup Solutions 5 Conclusive Reasons To Work With Us

Event Cup Solutions 5 Conclusive Reasons To Work With us

We know why, but we wanted to let you know why as well!


1. Event Cup Solutions owns its own wash centres


All of our wash centres are company owned, meaning we employ our own staff and are in full control of quality and making sure the job gets done without relying on third parties = NO CLIENT RISK.


2. Locations of Event Cup Solutions’ wash centres


Our four wash centres are positioned at strategic points across the country meaning your cups travel shorter distances.  We have the highest capacity in the country and should a machine fail, we can allocate capacity from another site ensuring you never have interrupted supply = NO CLIENT RISK.


3. Event Cup Solutions’ company owned fleet


We own over 40 vehicles all of which are driven by our accountable drivers – this means we are in control of making sure your cups get delivered to the correct location at the correct time = NO CLIENT RISK.


4. UK-made polycarbonate reusable cups


Polycarbonate is 100% unbreakable, has excellent clarity and delivers the beer in the best condition to the customer – something that is particularly important to the large beer brands such as Heineken, Carling and others, for example.  Our reusable plastic cups travel shorter distances, they can be washed twice as many times as polypropylene and at the end of life, the material will be recycled and is made into new cups. Polycarbonate, although not the cheapest solution, can be cost neutral or even generate a contribution to your bottom line with a justifiable price increase to cover the cost of the event =  IT IS SAFE, DELIVERS BEST PRODUCT AND HAS LOWEST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.


5. Our expert team


Yes, we know our stuff when it comes to the world of reusable cups and event management, with 100+ years of combined management experience in these fields.  Chat to us – you’ll soon realise that we can help you! = ADVICE THAT HELPS.

Overall, we believe that Event Cup Solutions presents the lowest risk and the most environmentally sound solution when it comes to eradicating the use of single use plastic cups at events. At the time of writing this article, single use disposable plastic cups continue to to be the cheapest option.  However, this won’t be the case for much longer with the impending arrival of the plastics tax which will increase the price.  

Events, festivals and venues at the moment have to pay out an initial cost (you can’t even call it an investment!) to buy the single use plastic cups in the first place.  Then they have the cost of clearing up at the end of the event which again contributes even more to the total spend on disposable plastic cups.  

Depending upon the size of your event and your volume of ticket sales, this can often amount to many thousands of pounds.  So, how about if Event Cup Solutions could show you how you can turn this cost negative scenario which is also bad for the environment into a profit generating scheme which is better for the environment through our reusable festival and event cups scheme! You’d bite our hand off right?  Sounds a bit too good to be true, but actually it isn’t.  

Our experts are able to demonstrate this to you and will be delighted to do so either in person or over a video call, if you so wish. We believe that reusable event cup hire schemes represent the best value for money in the market.  This, combined with our powerful ONE Planet ONE CHANCE® environmental message further enables you to promote a green and sustainable message to your guests and festival-goers – something that is important to many according to recent research from the CGA.

Don’t hesitate in contacting one of our experts today to arrange your initial consultation. We have years of experience in the areas of festival and event hire management and are always happy to pass on your experiences to help you and your event move towards a more sustainable future.  Let’s do it together!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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