Why Reusable Cups Instead Of Souvenir Fan Cups?

Why Reusable Cups Instead Of Souvenir Fan Cups

In today’s blog we’re looking in more detail as to the benefits of using reusable cups instead of souvenir fan cups.

So, you’ve decided that you want (or need) to use reusable plastic cups at your event.  The reasons behind your decision could be varied – it might be that you want to move away from single use plastics from an environmental or cost standpoint, especially with the upcoming introduction of the plastics tax and the risk to reputation if you don’t do anything. 


Reasons for using reusable cups


It might be that you have to use non-glass in order to comply with health and safety regulations, or it might be that you want branded cups to keep ‘on-brand’ with your corporate or club logo and message. 

Whatever your reasoning, we think that you are certainly on the right track with going for reusable cups – this is certainly the way forward, especially in light of the fact that the quality of polycarbonate plastic, for instance, is almost like drinking out of glass anyway!


Do you really want bespoke branded reusable cups?


But, we’d urge you to consider how important it is that your cups are branded souvenir cups.  The more attractive the cup, the more chance there is that your visitor will take it home with them and put it in a cupboard.  And then, a few months or years later, it will get thrown out. 

Therefore, what started life with good intentions as a plastic reusable cup has just become single use plastic.  With fan cups, you, as festival operators and brands, lose control of what happens to the cup after the event and cannot guarantee if it will be reused or recycled, also potentially leading to damage to event and brand reputation.

And, of course, worse still – if you brand up your cups to have the name and year of your event, then the cups really do become single use as they have the date of the event on them.  Therefore, come next year, you are the event organiser will have to put your hand in your pocket once again to buy branded reusable cups for your specific event.


Our ONE Planet ONE Chance® reusable cups


This is exactly the reason why we feel our ONE reusable cups really fit the bill for sports stadiums, festivals and other large scale events.  Our ONE pints and half pints are made in polycarbonate which has a life span of over 500+ washes and come with the powerful ONE Planet ONE Chance® environmental message on the side, reinforcing your green credentials to your visitors. 

This reusable event cup hire model provides you with a highly cost effective way of having ‘branded’ reusable cups at your event with a socially responsible message on there, without the need for you invest large sums of money.  It also provides a hassle free solution, with you paying on a cup-by-cup basis, completely transparent and a great way to be able to service large volumes of people at your event with drinks and food.

This provides a fit-for-purpose reusable cup solution that is provided and serviced on a regional basis ensuring that cups are fully utilised, used more frequently and travel shorter distances, which reduces your cost and overall environmental impact. 

So, a reusable cup with an environmental message, made in the UK and serviced from local wash centres – what else could you ask for as part of your green solution?

Contact our expert team who will not only be happy to walk you through an online web demonstration of how we can turn your reusable cups scheme into a profit generating one, but also we can send you samples of our reusable glassware range if you so wish to help you in your decision making process.  Either way, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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