#1 Popular Festival Cups

Popular Festival Cups

In today’s blog here at Event Cup Solutions we are looking at the world of festival cups and how we can offer our solution when the world of music festivals come back after COVID-19.

In the current COVID-19 lockdown and all the uncertainty it is bringing for now and the forthcoming months, many people in the industry and the media are not confident that we’ll see many major festivals taking place this year.


Festival cups are a major consideration for large festival organisers


Large music festivals are a mainstay of the UK events calendar and so it’s a great shame that they have been decimated by this pandemic, but for obvious reasons it is completely acceptable.

Before the pandemic struck, festivals were just one of the parts of society that was under pressure to embrace all-things sustainable. A recent CGA survey suggested that 24% of festival goers would not return to the same festival again if it was not seen to be addressing its environmental responsibilities. With tens of thousands of visitors to each of these large festivals across the summer months in the UK, there’s obviously a fine balance for festival organisers to be able to service these numbers of people in a safe manner, yet it still being cost-effective.

And this is where the issue of festival cups comes up. The typical demographic of festival goer is 18-35yrs of age, most of whom are there to party. The challenge is to be able to serve large volumes of food and drink in a safe way, a quick way, an affordable way and a sustainable way. Festival cups have typically been the single use disposable plastic cups which are exactly that – disposable. Yes, these tick the affordable, safe and large volumes boxes, but not the important sustainable one.


Hire festival cups in large quantities with Event Cup Solutions


Festival cup hire from Event Cup Solutions is one of our major USPs, and it’s not simply the fact that we can hire festival cups in the huge quantities that are required for multi-day festival sites. We offer the complete reusable festival cup hire solution from start to finish, from delivering fresh festival cups through to taking them away and delivering new. We can even suggest charity partners to assist with your clean up operation.

And, perhaps most importantly, our experts are able to demonstrate to you how we can turn your disposable cost negative scheme into a profit generating reusable scheme using our reusable plastic festival cup hire model.

In the midst of this pandemic, even though your festival might not be taking place this year, perhaps there’s no better time than NOW to evaluate your options when it comes festival cups and your festival cup rental scheme, available today from Event Cup Solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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