#1 Reusable Event Cup Solution For Arena & Stadium Concerts

Reusable Event Cup Solution For Concerts

Whilst you’re out and about on the roads, keep an eye out for our Event Cup Solutions fleet of trucks who will be busy delivering and collecting our reusable event cup & reusable food-to-go containers from a variety of venues and locations around the country.  We have four distribution, storage and wash facilities across the country which enables us to minimise our carbon footprint in terms of the number of miles travelled compared to our competitors.  That said,
we’re always striving to go even greener as part of our continual improvement programme.

A reusable event cup mechanism is the obvious choice


Large arena and stadium events such as indoor and outdoor music concerts, for instance, are a perfect example of where plastic reusable cups provide an ideal solution.  Large amounts of people can be served, and you’re also complying with the health and safety requirements of non-glass use. This is a non-negotiable for large scale events and whilst event planners and professionals realise that they need to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, cost and hassle have been the two main barriers to change.

Reusable event cups are the obvious alternative to disposable cups


At present, many sites are still using single use, disposable plastic half pints and pints. Within this sector, however, there is a range of single use plastic cups and glasses, some of which are 100% made from recycled consumer waste (known as rPET) such as plastic soda bottles, for instance, and others that are not.  Then, add to this the fact that how many of these single use disposable cups get recycled is down to the operational efficiency of the venue itself, and you have an end result of disposable plastic glasses not being the most green, sustainable solution. Maybe the cheapest – yes – but certainly not the best option for the planet and a sustainable future.

Why reusable event cups from Event Cup Solutions?


Reusable event cups from Event Cup Solutions such as our ONE cup half and pint are made in polycarbonate and so have the look and feel of glass but which are shatterproof and comply with H&S regulations.  These can be used time and time again, even maintaining their lustre after 300 washes! At the end of their life, 100% of these reusable cups are recycled and put back into the production cycle. 

One of the best features of the polycarbonate reusable event cup is that it provides the user with an experience as close to drinking out of a glass as possible yet still in reusable plastic.  This is important for large beer brands, for instance, as consistency is all-important to them.  The large beer brands such as Carling, Heineken and others, for instance, will want their product to be served and consumed at a consistent temperature, with a consistent size of head and with consistent nucleation.  The polycarbonate plastic reusable event cup is the closest fit to drinking out of a proper pint glass in a pub!

Why not also check out our range of reusable coffee cups and even reusable food-to-go containers to complete your event solution and completely embrace this sustainable model.  We can even demonstrate to you how your reusable cups and food packaging mechanism can generate profit for you and your event!

Contact one of our industry experts today who will be delighted to discuss the various options available to you and your event when it comes to reusable cups – we’re sure to be able to assist! We have years of experience in the world of festivals and events are always happy to share this with you, helping you and your event move towards a more sustainable future.


Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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