Our #1 Lucrative Reusable Event Cup Hire Consultation Service

Our #1 Lucrative Reusable Event Cup Hire Consultation Service

In today’s blog we’re looking at our reusable event cup hire service and how it can benefit festival and large scale event organisers.

Why your festival or event will benefit from reusable event cup hire


Here at Event Cup Solutions, we realise that every event is different.  That’s why we offer an initial consultation (and ongoing) service to our clients, to listen and understand your needs and requirements when it comes to reusable event cup hire. Our experts have vast experience in the events and festivals industry and are always happy to discuss your specific event requirements in more detail.

Your ideal wish-list is the ideal starting point and we can discuss your proposed sustainable model through use of our range of reusable event cup rental.  At this meeting, we’re also happy to provide you with samples of our reusable cups and glasses so you can get a feel for what is available.

It might be that your current model for serving food and drink at your festival or event is through the use of disposable plastic.  This will come as no surprise as disposable items offer the cheapest way to fulfil the function of serving large volumes of guests in a short amount of time.  However, there will shortly be a financial implication for this model which means that it actually won’t be the cheapest model.  And, at the same time, there’s the moral obligation of not continuing to use single use disposable plastic cups, bottles and food-to-go containers.  

We realise and understand that trying to achieve this goal of serving vast amounts of people in a short period of time in a cost-effective yet responsible manner is not easy.  And, if you’re using the disposable model currently, is it really the cheapest way of doing it?  After all, you’ll have the initial up-front costs of buying the disposable items in the first place and then, in addition, the clearing up costs around your festival site in the days after the end of the event. We’re here to help you with advice and suggestions which will hopefully fit your business model and ethos.

It may well be that you realise that this is the case and have already started the process of moving towards more sustainable products.  Or, you might be at the start of your journey, realising that this is something you should do – actually must do – and act pretty quickly.  Not only will be it be a legal directive, but research also shows that festival goers are becoming increasingly conscious and aware of the sustainable activities of the festivals they attend, with as many as 24% of festival goers saying they wouldn’t attend the same festival again if environmental issues weren’t being addressed.

The benefits to you of our expert consultation service at Event Cup Solutions


Our industry experts have years of experience in this field and are happy to share their experiences of how other festivals, sports grounds, arenas and other large scale event professionals are adopting the latest reusable event cup hire models.  By taking the time to listen to you and gain this understand of you want to operate, we can work closely together to provide you with the best solution for you and your event. This might be to do with reusable event cup hire for cold drinks or hot drinks and/or our reusable plastic food-to-go containers for serving burgers & chips, pizzas, jacket potatoes and other food on your festival site.

And, as the icing on the cake, our experts can provide you with a demonstration of how we can help you turn your cost negative disposable scheme into a profit generating reusable scheme, providing a win-win for both your event and for the environment. 

Contact us today to arrange this initial consultation – we look forward to hearing from you. Simply contact us via our website or give us a call to set something up – we can then guide you through our proposition via phone or, better still, video web conference.  Whatever works for you!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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