Best Reusable Stadium Cups Strategy For 2020 & Beyond

Best Reusable Stadium Cups Strategy For 2020 & Beyond

The requirement for an affordable and efficient reusable stadium cups strategy in sports grounds is well known, with the health and safety element being of the utmost importance where opposing fans are in close proximity to each other. Premier League football clubs and ECB test cricket arenas are constantly looking for ways to improve their service offering to their guests from both a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable standpoint.

What is the current default strategy for reusable stadium cups?


Football grounds, cricket grounds and rugby grounds will serve beers and drinks in plastic cups and glasses.  However, whether these plastic cups such as pints and half pints are disposable or reusable is down to the individual stadium.  Typically, single use disposable plastic cups are the default as these are the most affordable and, at the end of the event, they are simply cleared up en-masse.  

Quite how many of these make into the recycling chain is open to debate as most will get cleared up with other rubbish.  The chances are that most, therefore, will end up in landfill.  And whilst single use cups are the cheapest option, they will remain popular.  However, this situation will soon be changing with the implementation of the upcoming plastics tax.  Therefore, reusable stadium cups will be the requirement.

If the current solution at the stadium is already to use reusable cups, then a lot of the time these might be plastic souvenir cups, also known as ‘fan cups’.  These are branded reusable cups, often with the club logo, players faces and other creative designs. These also represent a revenue stream, especially if the club or team make these cups collectables.  

However, the extent to which these souvenir cups are ‘reusable’ is debatable – after all, once that are at home, are they likely to be used again, or maybe put into a cupboard or on a shelf and never used again until they become outdated and thrown away. The issue of course is that the more attractive these are, the more chance that they will be taken by the guest off -site at the end of the event as their momento of the event.

Can branded souvenir fan cups really be classed as reusable stadium cups?


As a result, these ‘reusable fan cups’ at the stadium instantly cease to be ‘reusable stadium cups’ in the true sense of the word.  What they DO become is single use plastics.  We’re back to square one.

How the range of reusable stadium cups at Event Cup Solutions makes perfect sense


When you check out the range of reusable stadium cups at Event Cup Solutions, you’ll notice that our range not only includes the official ONE reusable cups (pints and half pints) but also the complete range of polycarbonate cups and glasses for all occasions.  We also offer reusable coffee cups and reusable food-to-go containers such as burger & chip trays, jacket potato boxes and other to complete your total event solution. 

Polycarbonate offers the look and feel of glass but is virtually unbreakable.  The branding on reusable cups in our ONE reusable cup range helps to reinforce your green credentials and the message that you want to get across to the end user.  These glasses can be used time and time again, and you could even operate a deposit return scheme to ensure the glasses come back. 

Whatever your stadium requirements, don’t hesitate to contact the event cup experts here online at Event Cup Solutions.  We’re always happy to to discuss your individual event or stadium needs and help you move towards a greener, more sustainable model. We look forward to hearing from you soon and working together when it comes to your reusable stadium cups strategy for 2020 and beyond!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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