#1 Best Reusable Food-To-Go Packaging For Events & Venues

Reusable Food-To-Go Packaging For Events & Venues

Today’s blog looks at our range of reusable food-to-go packaging which complements our existing range of reusable plastic event cups.

Our team here at Event Cup Solutions is constantly striving to bring our clients the very best in the market when it comes to reusable plastic cups & food packaging in our mission to eradicate single use at events, stadium and venues, for example, and the introduction of our brand new food-to-go packaging is yet another example of this. 

This will be of use to festivals, large stadiums and events who are constantly wrestling with the need to serve large volumes of food and drink to the paying public in a relatively short period of time in both a cost-effective AND environmentally sustainable manner.


Is reusable food-to-go packaging already in use at stadiums & large venues?


Let’s take the example, for instance, of a large football stadium, attracting 60,000+ for each match. Thousands of people in attendance will be looking to buy burgers, hot dogs, nachos, chips and other tasty snacks pre-match, at half time and then post-match. Therefore, the stadium operators need to have an efficient and cost effective way of providing these snacks quickly.

At the moment, many operators use a disposable cardboard tray and other disposable products, for example, in which a hot dog and chips, for example, can be placed. At this point you might think “well, cardboard is recyclable and so a good option”. However, if you consider that as soon as cardboard comes into contact with food or liquid, then it becomes non-recyclable and so ultimately becomes a single use product – something that we ‘re trying to avoid. 

There is, of course, also a cost element to the venue or event buying the disposable food containers in the first place – something that can often amount to thousands of pounds, especially for the larger venues.  This is, quite literally, money down the drain as yes it serves the purpose, but you have no return on your investment and you’ve also got the issue of clearing up at the end.  

Take a few moments to browse the range of reusable food-to-go packaging here online at Event Cup Solutions and check out the versatility of the products.  We can then provide you with an all-inclusive service, directly bringing you fresh containers and picking up dirty, then washing them and returning them to your site – a service that is particularly valuable for multi-day events.  It really is a seamless and hassle free hire experience, and you’re only paying by a price-per-item basis.  

The pricing model, therefore, is transparent and much more affordable than paying thousands of pounds up front for disposable food containers.


How our range of reusable food-to-go containers solve the issue


Our range of reusable plastic food containers with and without lids, therefore, offer a much more sustainable option for you. Made in recycled materials in BPA-free polypropylene, all our reusable food-to-go packaging products have have a life cycle of over 300+ washes and then are 100% recyclable at the end of their life to provide a closed loop solution. They are also stain and odour resistant, with leakage free design, and are also commercial dishwasher and microwave safe.

Our experts can also demonstrate to you in the form of a phone call or, better still, a web video conference, how you can turn your disposable scheme which directly costs you money, into a revenue and profit generating reusable scheme for both your food-to-go packaging items as well as your reusable cups – it’s easier than perhaps you might think.  And, with the plastics tax coming in before 2022, single use plastic is about to get much more expensive.  It’s actually OUR solution, therefore, which is the most cost-effective and affordable in the marketplace.

Why not check out our range online today here at Event Cup Solutions and contact one of our experts who will be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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