Reusable Food And Drink Solutions For Football & Rugby Stadiums

Reusable Food And Drink Solutions For Stadiums

In today’s blog here at Event Cup Solutions, we’re looking in more detail at our reusable food and drink solutions for major venues such as football and rugby grounds.

It’s fair to say that for large venues and stadiums, it’s very much a case of speed is of the essence. Take a Premier League football club or Premiership rugby club, for instance – they only have a relatively short window of opportunity to serve food and drink to their visitors – in the lead up to the match and then at half time, and to a lesser extent after the game. Their food and drink solution also has to be safe in that it cannot be glass, for obvious safety reasons. And, on top of this, selling food and drink to this captive audience is highly profitable and so efficiency is very much the name of the game.

Current reusable food and drink solutions


Whilst some stadiums around the country have adopted a reusable scheme (we’ll come onto this shortly), some of still operating with disposable food containers and disposable cups. Being as disposable items still remain the cheapest and are available for stadiums to buy quickly and in large quantities, you can understand why.

However, the cost to the environment of still using disposable plastic cups and containers should be an integral part of the decision making here, as well as the fact that now at Event Cup Solutions, we can demonstrate to stadiums how they can turn their disposable cost negative into a reusable profit generating scheme.

Many of those stadiums and venues that have gone down the reusable route are using polypropylene cups, often branded with their club colours, making them fan cups or souvenir cups. 

Polypropylene doesn’t wash as many times as our polycarbonate reusable cups, and the fact that they are branded cups makes them attractive for your visitors to take home with them, costing you replacements and, in effect, turning reusable cups into disposable cups in one fell swoop.

Reusable food and drink solutions from Event Cup Solutions


The reusable food and drink solutions here at ECS address all of these issues, and generate profit for you at the same time. We offer branded reusable cups with our official ONE Planet ONE Chance® logo on, encouraging visitors to leave these cups on site at the end of the event, saving you money on replacements, and being much better for the environment. From a user point of view, they are made in transparent polycarbonate and so are as close to drinking from a proper pint glass as you can get without it being glass.

We also offer reusable food-to-go containers as part of our reusable food and drink solutions, enabling you to serve hot dogs, baked potatoes, chips and other convenient foods in the run up to kick off in a well presented, reusable way. 

Both the reusable cups and reusable food-to-go containers work on a levy scheme where you build a small additional fee into the price of the drink or meal which more than pays for the reusable scheme and can also be profit generating for you.

As always, our experts are more than willing to talk you through the commercials either over the phone or, better still, via a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, for instance. We can also send you samples of various items within our reusable food and drink solutions range to help in your decision making process. Whether you are interested in hiring plastic reusable pints or other reusable stadium cups, we can help!

Contact the experts online at Event Cup Solutions – we’ll be delighted to assist you with your reusable food and drink solutions, whatever they might be!

Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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