#1 Best Reusable Cups For Horse Racing Events

#1 Best Reusable Cups For Horse Racing Venues

It’s very easy to understand why reusable cups are the perfect fit for horse racing venues around the country. Horse racing is the second largest spectator sport in the UK and it’s estimated that up to 6 million people attend horse racing events across the country each year.  The UK is blessed with some fantastic horse racing venues and, as a result, many high profile meets such as the Cheltenham Festival, The Epsom Derby and the Grand National to name just a few, attracting the best horses and riders from around the world.


Why do sporting venues need reusable cups?


As with most sports events, there is a large amount of hospitality that takes place at horse racing venues up and down the country, from more formal sit-down corporate hospitality and VIP dining through to on-course bars and lounges.  Event Cup Solutions is the perfect company to work with for all your reusable cups and reusable food-to-go containers as you move away from single use plastic cups.  

Reusable cups range from Event Cup Solutions


We offer the complete range of reusable plastic cups, enabling you comply with H&S regulations and so your customers can take their drinks safely outside. It’s extremely important to comply with these safety regulations yet do it in a way that doesn’t use single use plastic cups.  Yes, whilst single use might still be the cheapest option, in the very near future this will no longer be the case – and that’s just the financial cost.  The real cost of you using single use plastic disposable cups, after all, is to the environment. Read more here with Zero Waste Scotland, for example.

The complete service offering


Importantly, Event Cup Solutions is much more than just a supplier of reusable cups and food-to-go packaging for arenas and sports venues.  Yes, of course we delighted to hire reusable cups to you in the quantities you need, but it’s the all-encompassing cups solution that brings real value.  This is from the delivery, the collection, the washing and then the storage if required of reusable cups.  This is particularly useful for multi-day events such as the Cheltenham Festival, for instance. 

In this scenario, rather than the venue having to buy reusable cups and find the initial cash outlay, they can hire, say 50,000 reusable cups.  These get delivered prior to the start of the horse racing festival. At the end of day 1, our team go in and collect the dirty 50,000 reusable cups and replace them with another 50,000 clean and sanitised cups.  Then, at the end of day 2, the same process happens, and again on the final day.  This means that the venue is only paying a price per reusable cup for not only the use of the cup but also the all-round service. 

How our reusable cups help


What it effectively does is minimise any potential headache and hassle when it comes to serving hot and cold drinks, as well as food-to-go, safe in the knowledge that the reusable cups solution complies with health & safety regulations.  Event Cup Solutions offers years of experience in the events industry, along with four regional wash centres to help minimise our carbon footprint when delivering to and collecting from horse racing venues nationwide.

We all need to think ‘green’, and our ONE reusable cup is made in polycarbonate which gives the look and feel of glass but which is virtually unbreakable.  At the same time, we have other ranges such as our Elite range, Clarity range and Govino range, all of which provide the complete range of not only reusable beer glasses but also reusable wine glasses and reusable champagne flutes and even reusable cocktail glasses and brandy glasses to complete your portfolio.

Whatever your large scale event requirements, whether you are a horse racing venue or other sports venue, don’t hesitate to contact the expert team at Event Cup Solutions – we’ll be delighted to discuss all your requirements in detail and work together to help you create a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly event. 

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Event Cup Solutions is a British company which provides a consultation service and the only UK solution for the complete replacement of single use cups at sports stadia & venues, music venues & arenas, and festivals.

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